We invited senior robotics, researchers and autonomous developers from all over the world working in the areas of agile autonomous systems, autonomous racing control, limits of AI, perception, localization and planning. These speakers will present their work in a 20 minute presentation. Following each invited talk session, we will host a discussion that will provide participants with an opportunity to engage with the speakers.

Invited Speakers

Bryn Balcombe

Chief Strategy Officer

Marko Bertogna

Full Professor
University of Modena

Sergio Savaresi

Full Professor
Politecnico di Milano

Alexander Wischnewski


Mauro Salazar

Assistant Professor
TU Eindhoven

Evangelos Theodorou

Associate Professor
Georgia Institute of Technology

Mac Schwager

Full Professor
Stanford University

Jonathan Goh

Research Scientist
Toyota Research Institute

Srikanth Saripalli

Full Professor
Texas A&M University

Peter Wurman

Sony AI America